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Ry and Joachim Cooder Concert for LaborFest

July 5(Thursday) 2012, 7:30 PM
At: ILWU Local 34
801 2nd St. next to AT&T Stadium , San Francisco
(Parking space is limited. We recomend public transportation)
$25.00 Donation
We expect the tickets to be sold out quickly, so please purchase your tickets early.

LaborFest is proud to open this year’s LaborFest commemoration of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike with musician Ry Cooder on guitars and his son Joachim Cooder on percussion.

Ry has played a seminal role in artistic expression and his contributions are not only in his music but also in his support of musicians around the world. His work in bringing together the album The Buena Vista Social Club, later made into a film, brought the tremendous musicians of Cuba to the world and helped break the information blockade that the US puts on Cuba every day.
Ry has also created new works expressing the lives of working people and their struggles to survive.  He has brought the cultural contribution of music from all people and voices their increasing anger about the loss of not only their jobs, but also their futures for themselves and their children.

Los Angeles, his home, was once an industrial center for working people, but the plant closures when jobs were shipped out for more profits destroyed many families and communities. His music tells these stories as well as the witch-hunts and the present great disparity of wealth that is reflected in his song No Banker Left Behind.

One of America’s assets is the cultural contributions of people from throughout the world. This coming together of the culture of all peoples has been a focus of Ry’s work. Following in the tradition of Woody Guthrie’s song This Land Is Your Land, his musical contributions celebrate the people of America and the world.

This concert for working people will be held at ILWU Local 34 Clerks Hall. This union has also played an important role for working people and is proud to host Ry and Joachim. This will be an exciting and enriching concert that hits home.
Please use public transportation because of a limited number of parking spaces available at the hall.

To get your tickets
Please e-mail ( or call: 415-642-8066, and let us know your name, phone number and how many tickets. (Tickets limited up to 4 per person)

We will contact you back to let you know the availability. Then, you should mail your check to LaborFest, P.O.Box 40983, San Francisco, CA 94140. If we don’t receive your check in 5 days, your reservation will be canceled.
When we received your check, we will either e-mail or call you back to let you know that we received your check, and as soon as we receive your check, your reservation will be confirmed. All tickets will be on will call. 
You can get your ticket at the location after 4:30 PM on July 5th before the concert.