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Music Theatre Events

July 6 (Monday) 7:30 PM (Free) ILWU 34 Hall - 801 Second St. Next to AT&T Park, SF
International Music Night
International Labor Music Night with singers from around the world and labor musicians Anne Feeney and Jack Chernos.
Join in on a night of labor music. We will have labor solidarity songs about workers’ lives from Japan, Korea, Turkey, Italy and the Philippines. Bring your instruments, your tunes and music for an international music solidarity night.

July 11 (Saturday) 2:00 PM ($5.00 Pier entry fee - good for one year) Hyde Street Pier - at SF Maritime National Historic Park , Hyde & Jefferson St. SF
Living history: Henry George, Newspaperman, Floats Labor’s Boat
By David Giesen
Living history: Henry George, Newspaperman, Floats Labor’s Boat
Henry George, San Francisco’s 1870s champion of workers’ rights, used his newspaper to rein in the bully boss in 1873 in a celebrated maritime case. Come hear living history veteran David Giesen portray George telling his side of the “Sunrise” incident. Three sailors committed suicide rather than endure the tyranny of a brutal captain on a New York to San Francisco voyage in the Spring of 1873. George’s San Francisco Post bucked the maritime bosses, pressing the case with its own special counsel, and challenging the absolute rule of ship captains. Are you ready to rock the boat? George will have you on your feet as he licks into everything that capsizes workers’ rights.

July 14 (Tuesday) 8:00 PM ($20.00 advance, $25 at the door) (Show through 7/14 - 7/18, 7/21 - 7/25)
SOMArts Cultural Center - 934 Brannan St. at 8th St., SF
The Ballad of Polly Ann
By Flyaway Productions

An evening of dance celebrating women who built the Bay Area’s bridges.
The project celebrates the women who contributed to the design and construction of Bay Area bridges. This performance shows their experience with physical work, tools, heights, and machinery as well as their cultural experience working in a male dominated labor force, and how that affects their sense of self, femininity, family, and self worth.
Flyaway Productions has built an international reputation of bringing the lives and struggle of working people to performance theater. One of their works on the Copra Crane in San Francisco helped move the community to defend this relic of labor history for the generation today. In this work using the oral interviews by labor historian Harvey Schwartz of women bridge workers, we get the real life experiences of construction women on the job. The artistic portrayal of the lives of working people is a critical element in helping to transform our understanding of reality.
Choreography: Jo Kreiter, in collaboration with the company, Music: Pamela Z, Dancers: Mary Ann Brooks, Melissa Caywood, Jennifer Chien, Britt Karhoff, Kelly Kemp, Raissa Simpson and Alayna Stroud
Tickets: or 1.800.838.3006
For more info:
Don't miss: 'The Bally Ann'ad of Poll

July 18 (Saturday) 3:00 PM (Doantion) ILWU Local 10 Hall- 400 North Point, SF
David Rovics Concert
David Rovics has sung out for human and labor rights here in the Bay Area and around the world. He is a prolific writer and his voice and words have hit home about the rights of immigrants, the need to defend the environment and against the corporations that are destroying the earth.

July 18 (Saturday) 8:00 PM (Free) 885 Clayton St., at Carl St., SF
Song and Poetry Swap

For over 20 years, the Freedom Song Network has been helping keep alive the spirit of labor and political song in the Bay Area, on picket lines, at rallies, on concert stages and at song swaps. Bring songs or poems to share. Everyone is welcome, regardless of musical ability or training.
For info: (415) 648-3457

July 25 (Saturday) 7:00 PM ($5.00 - no one turned away) ILWU Local 34 Hall - 801 2nd St. Next to AT&T Park, SF
Concert of the Choruses: A Tribute to Pete Seeger
The concert features El Coro Jornalero, the Day Laborers Chorus directed by Ricardo Torres. The Bay Area Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus directed by Pat Wynne will perform a piece entitled Pete Seeger: a Musical Biography. The narrative and songs will describe the life, activism, and music of Pete Seeger who recently celebrated his 90th birthday.
Included will be sections on his work with the Almanac Singers, the Weavers, his trial during the McCarthy era, and his environmental efforts. Some of the songs will be Turn, Turn, Turn, Talking Union, Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, Guantanamera, and the Ballad of Harry Bridges.

July 26 (Sunday) 7:30 PM ($10.00) Community Music Center - 544 Capp St., between 20th & 21st, SF
Staged Action: An evening of labor theatre and music
The Indelible Voices Project presents an evening of labor theatre and music from the 1920s and 1930s hosted by Lee Papa, Assistant Professor of Drama Studies at College of Staten Island/CUNY. Lee’s anthology of labor plays, Staged Action, has just been released by Cornell University Press.
The evening will feature staged readings from Processional by John Howard Lawson, Mill Shadows by Top Tippett, Singing Jailbirds by Upton Sinclair, and the ever popular Pins and Needles by Harold Rome. Music from Singing Jailbirds and Pins and Needles will also be performed.
For advance tickets call (415) 431-8485
or e-mail:

July 28 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM City College Mission Campus - 1125 Valencia St. Rm 215 at 22nd St., SF
53 Days Local 2 on Stage
Free to members of Local 2 - Sliding donations from $10-$20 (no one turned away due to lack of funds)
53 Days: Local 2 On Stage, is a collaboration between the Labor and Community Studies Department of City College and the Unite Here Local 2. 53 Days tells the story of Local 2’s historic 53 day strike and lock-out of 2004, using the oral history testimonies of the Chinese, Latino, African American and Filipino hotel workers who were at the forefront of the fight. It is a very inspiring, educational and unique performance. Also screening of video of 1946 Hotel Workers Strike.
Sponsored by Labor Studies San Francisco Community College And Unite Here Local 2