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'68 Events

July 6 (Sunday) 10:00 AM (Free) - Meet at the corner of 330 Ellis St., at Glide Memorial Church,  SF
SF Anti-War History Walk
By Historian David Giesen
Take a walk through the anti-Viet Nam War street action in San Francisco back in the 1960s. Then flash forward to the anti-war-in-Iraq action on San Francisco’s streets in 2003. Join historian and teacher David Giesen on a walking tour of a bit of San Francisco’s anti-imperialism gusto through the years, from the Philippines in 1898 to Lennar and Hunter’s Point in 2008. Along the way you’ll encounter the enduring evidence of territorial power and exclusion that increasingly divides San Francisco into haves and have-nots. By walk’s end you will “be in the know” regarding San Francisco’s now obscure Big Idea for making everyone a de facto land owner and rent collector. Meet at 10 am, Glide Methodist Church, 330 Ellis at the corner of Ellis and Taylor streets in San Francisco.
For more information:, 415-948-4265

July 12 (Saturday) 7:00 PM (Free) ILWU Local 6 Hall -255 9th St., near Howard, SF8
1968 - 2008 The Global Lessons From '68
With Mehmet Bayron, David Ewing, Dahrm Paul, Anatol Anton & others
The movement of ‘68 was the largest global mass movement since the 1930’s. This forum will look how it affected countries around the world from Turkey to China and what that movement means in today’s struggles of working people to survive the corporate onslaught.

July 13 (Sunday) 7:00 PM ($7.00) -Roxie Theatre 3117 16th St., SF
International Working Class Film & Video Festival
Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win   (96 min) 1968 By Jean-Pierre Thorn
This classic on a worker occupation of the Renault Boulogn-Billancourt factory near Paris shows how the workers take over the factory and their struggle to continue the occupation and strike. Thorn was a student just out of film school and this was his first work. He has continued to make films about the lives of working people including women workers and immigrant youth.

Le Fond de l’air est rouge (1977, 1993 re-cut) By Chris Marker France
By the leader of the modernist left bank school, this film shows the struggle from the streets of Paris in this historic documentary of the Paris 1968 rebellion. It also includes footage from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Prague and other countries around the world during the 1968 battles. Also included is the political divide of the left over these battles including Fidel Castro who opposed the invasion of the Czech Republic.
May ‘68 in French cinema, Its History And Relevance -
by Julien Camy

July 14 (Monday) 6:00 PM ($7.00) -Roxie Theatre 3117 16th St., SF
International Working Class Film & Video Festival
In The Year Of The Pig   (103 min) 1968 By Emile de Antonio
Produced at the height of the Vietnam War, this documentary chronicles the war’s historical roots. Nearly 40 years have transpired and yet the US is again involved in another imperial adventure. This historical documentary brings home the question why is the US involved in another war? In 1968, the war was about fighting “communism” and it reverberates in today’s “war against terrorism.”

Blow For Blow / Coup Pour Coup   (90 min) 1972 By Marin Karmitz
Marin Karmitz produced this important work in commemoration and memory of the ‘68 strike movement. It shows the organization of a strike in a French garment factory from the point of view of the actual workers. The workers are also the actors in the film and played a key role in scripting the film.The strike, which was organized and led by women workers also shows their battle for control of the union with mostly male leadership. This film was a result of the massive struggles of May, June ‘68 in France both for power against the bosses and state and for democratic control within the unions.

July 21 (Monday) 7:00 PM (Free) Modern Times Bookstore 888 Valencia St., at 20th St., SF
1968 The Emergence of The Women's Liberation Movement & Its Relationship to Working Women
With Chude Pam Allen and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Chude Pam Allen was an early working class organizer in the women’s liberation movement and was in San Francisco in 1968. She helped build the Union Women’s Alliance to Gain Equality in 1974, she coordinated their 1975 Organize! Conference and later became editor of its newspaper, Union WAGE.  She is author of the Union WAGE pamphlet, Jean Maddox, Labor Heroine.
Roxanne Dubar Ortiz has been involved in the struggle for women’s rights also since the 60’s. In New Orleans, she organized the Southern Female Rights Union and the New Orleans Women Workers Association. She is a university lecturer and has written 12 books. Roxanne grew up in rural Oklahoma of a family of tenant farmers.  Her grandfather was active in the Oklahoma Socialist Party and the IWW in the first 2 decades of the 20th century.

July 25 (Friday) 7:00 PM (Free) ILWU Local 6 Hall 255 9th St. near Howard, SF
The Film Movement of '68 & Independent Media Today
Panel with Connie Field and Peter Gessner
The movements during 1968 also brought new filmmakers into action and these panelists will recount the filmmakers of the time. How they were organized, how they produced their work and what they were able to accomplish in showing the struggles and battles of the period. The importance of understanding this history of independent filmmaking is especially important today with the development of the Internet and the potential to broadcast these works throughout the world. The forum will also look at how a mass movement today will propel independent film and videographers.
The forum will also screen Finally Got The News, a Film by Stewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter Gessner, about the Dodge Revolutionary Workers Movement in Detroit and Peter Gessner will discuss this work.
This is a forceful, unique documentary that reveals the activities of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers inside and outside the auto factories of Detroit.

July 29 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM (Free) ILWU Local 6 Hall - 255 9th St. near Howard, SF
SF State Strike & Its Relevance Today
Screening of San Francisco State On Strike 1968 20 min.,
Students and teachers from the San Francisco State strike of 1968 discuss the strike, the issues, the movement and the relevance for today. Speakers include Dr. Ray Tomkins, Clarence Thomas, Bruce Hartford, Dr. James Garrett, Anatol Anton, Margaret Leahy and Tomasita Medál.
Article:1968 : San Francisco's Year of The Strike by Dick Meister