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International Working Class
Film & Video Festival

At Roxie Theatre (San Francisco)

July 6 (Thursday) 7:00 PM  $5.00
Five Factories - Workers Control in Venezuela
US Premier (81 min. 2006)Venezuela
By Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler
This film gives a close up view of the how and why workers are occupying factories and workplaces in Venezuela. With beautiful photography and insightful interviews, we are provided a front row seat on the historic developments taking place among workers in Venezuela. See the real story.
Read review by Reyhan Harmanci on SF Chronicle

Where Do You Stand? Stories from An American mill
(60 min. 2003)
By Alexandra Lescaze
The story about the successful struggle of Cannon textile workers in Kannopolis, North Carolina to win one of the largest industrial union contracts in the South and to face the loss of their jobs and the union by a closure and exporting of their jobs.

July 13 (Thursday) 7:00 PM  $ 5.00
The Mission (US Premier)
By Video 48 (42 min.) (Israel)
This video is about a delegation of European trade unionists who travel to the region to investigate the conditions of Palestinian workers.

Meeting Face To Face, The Iraq-US Labor Solidarity Tour
(16 min.)
By Jonathan Levin
The story of the Iraqi trade union visit to the United States and the response they received.

Go Forward, The Iraqi Freedom Congress (32 min.) (Japan)
By Osamu Kimura & Mabui Cine Coop
This shows how the Iraqi working class is seeking to organize and also seeking to fight the US occupation of Iraq.

The Mall (US Premier) (10 min.) (Israel)
By Yonatan Ben Efrat & Video 48
An inside look at the living conditions of Palestinian workers inside Israel. Their home is a mall.

July 20 (Thursday) 7:00 PM  $5.00
US Premier
Breyani and The Councillor (22 min.) 2006 South Africa
By Sally Giles & Fazel Khan
This film shows the struggle for decent housing and jobs in a township in Durban. The residents begin to struggle for justice and are met with repression.

Rail Against Privatization
(60 min.) 2005 UK
By Platform Films
This tells the story of the effort to fight the privatization of British Rail which was carried out under former PM Thatcher and now continued by “New Labor” PM Tony Blair.
Dangerous Containers (6 min.) 2006
By Fire Brand Productions
This documentary tells the story of Ms. Florida and the disaster that befell her when an overloaded container from the port of Miami collapsed on her car. It was made by the Teamsters union to educate people about the dangers on the road and the lack of protection for truck drivers who speak out.
Hector Girado, A Colombian Story (25 min.) 2004
By Julie E. Rosenberg
Dozens of Colombian trade unionists, in order to escape death sentences, were forced to come to the United States. This film tells the story of Hector Girado and his visit to the United States.

July 27 (Thursday) 7:00 PM $5.00
Death Threats-The Life Of Colombian Trade Unionists 
(50 min.) Colombia
By Silvia Maria Hoyos
Five Fragments of Workers Under Threat In Colombia.
How does it feel to be under a death threat for yourself and your family. This powerful film follows five workers including teachers, agricultural workers and others as they go about their daily lives and meet their families all under the threat of death.

Bessie Cohen, Survior of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (3 min.)
By Hope Tucker
This video shows the life of Bessie and what these garment workers faced in one of the worst industrial catastrophes ever to hit America.
Sisters Of Philadelphia ( 11 min.) 2005
By K. S. Haskey (San Francisco Premier)
By and for women carpenters in Philadelphia. Haskey who has worked as a U.B.C.J  carpenter for over 21 years. She gives warmth and spirit to the work of women in the trades.
K.S. Haskey will also attend the premier with a panel of building trades women to discuss video and women in the trades.

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