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International Working Class
Film & Video Festival

At Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (2868 Mission St. at 25th St., San Francisco )

July 7 (Friday) 7:00 PM  $5.00
A Union Man : The Life & Work of Julius Margolin
By George Mann (58 min.) 2005
This endearing film tells of the life of IATSE Local 1 union steward Julius Margolin and how he keeps fighting on in his 90’s. “Never say die” is the motto of this video. Julius Margolin, at 89, is a living legend in the New York City labor movement. He’s
been active since the 1930s in the CIO, National Maritime Union and Local 52 of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees

The Song of Workers

By Labor News Production (30 min.) (Korea)
This series of videos tells the story of the Korean working class through music and footage of the struggle. This stirring video shows the soul of the Korean labor movement.
Cartography of Ashes (44 min.) 2006
By Dolissa Medina
Dolissa Media focuses on the San Francisco earthquake and the role of the firefighters in saving people and defending the city from the flames.

July 8 (Saturday) 7:00 PM  $5.00
Granito de Arena (Grain of Sand)
By Jill Freidberg & Corrugate Film   
(62 min.)
This tells the story of the battle against privatization of education in Mexico. The story of the destruction of education and the fightback by labor in Mexico is powerful.

For A Six Hour Workday
By Grupo Alavio & MarieTrigona
(20 min.) Argentina
This video documents the efforts by Buenos Aires transit workers to re-introduce the 6 hour day after the military dictatorship had destroyed the labor conditions.

Rail Warning (43 min.) 2005 Japan
By Akira Matsubara & Video Press
This examines the cause of the disastrous Amagasaki rail accident in Osaka, Japan. This train wreck killed over a 100 people and the causes were directly related to the privatization and massive speed-up of railway workers.

July 15 (Saturday) 7:00 PM $5.00
Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos (55 min.)
By Saul Landau & Sonia Augulo
This shows the real lives of workers who work in the Maquiladora’s. The Maquilas were sold to the Mexican workers as the solution to the problem of unemployment yet the maquilas have turned intoa disaster for Mexico.

The People Who Care (9 min.)
By Edmond M. Stevens, Barbara J. Maynard, Tony Bravo
Produced for SEIU Local 535, this video examines the history of social work and why this work is critical to the health and humanity of our society.
The Bauen Workers’ Cooperative
By Grupo Alavio & Marie Trigona (21 min.) (Argentina) 2005
The story of the bankruptcy of a modern 4 star hotel in Buenos Aires and the role of the workers in protecting their jobs through an occupation.

3 Minutes Videos from Japan (30 min.) 2005 (Japan)
This is a selection of 3 minute labor videos from Japanese LaborFest 2005.
19: Victoria, Texas (4 min.) 2006
By Dolissa Medina
An experimental short film about undocumented immigrants who died while trapped inside a tractor near the town of Victoria, Texas.

July 21 (Friday) 7:00 PM   $5.00
Silk and Iron   (26 min.) 2002 Thailand
By Committee For Asian Women  (CAW)
From garment factories to electronic shops, women workers have faced the brunt of the new globalization. This documentary shows how the economic policies of the IMF and World Bank have made women pay a heavy price in their struggle to survive.

Tillie Olsen – A Heart In Action ( 30 min.) 2006 
(Work in progress)
By Ann Hershey
This film in production shows the explosive experiences of writer and activist Tillie Olsen in her youth that helped form her views. From fighting racism to worker exploitation, Tillie used her beautiful words to tell truth to power.
Filmmaker Ann Hershey will attend and speak after screening.

July 28 (Friday) 7:00 PM $5.00
RMT, Our Union (35 min.) UK
By Platform Films
This shows the why and hows of what a union is about. This is one of the finest examples on video from the inside of the Rail, Maritime and Transportation workers in the UK.  This well edited film that shows what a union can mean to its members.
Changing, Winning SEIU 1000  (25 min.) 2005
By Nick Yale
This video recounts the struggle of California state employees in their fight against the governor.  Using music, interviews and action shots, this video shows the power of union action.

Made In Berkeley (5 min.)
By Zelda Bronstein, Witt Monts and Paul Shain
The story of the efforts by the community and labor to keep production jobs and art jobs in Berkeley.

The Penthouse of Heaven, May Day Chicago  (27 min.) 2006
By Labor Beat, edited By Larry Duncan
May Day and the struggle for the 8 hour day started 120 years ago in Chicago. This year marks the largest demonstration in the history of Chicago  and it took place on May Day. The video illuminates the struggle for justice by workers today and the role of organized labor and many trade unionists in supporting this historic mobilization in the place where May Day started.

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