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Presentation report
7/10-Legacy of The New Deal in California

SF & Oakland General Strike related sites
SF Museum
Oakland General Strike Blog
ShapingSF Project
George Seldes On SF General Strike
Holt Labor Library
The ILWU Story -Warehouse
Survey Graphic, September, 1934
Laborfilm Listing
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Bread & Roses Art Show

Triangle Fire Art Show

LaborFest 2014
80th Anniversary of San Francisco General Strike and
100th Anniversary of 1914 Ludlow Massacre

1934 San Francisco General Strike

Reviews/Articles - 2013
150th Anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation (Presentation on 7/23/13) - Carol Lang
LaborFest rolls into Niles - Tri City Voice 7/2/13
LaborFest 2013 In SF Weekly
- D escription
Review of 2013 LaborFest - Richa Chandler
LaborFest Rolls into Niles - Tri-City Voice 7/2/13

Reviews/Articles on LaborFest 2012
San Francisco’s LaborFest Looks to Occupy The Past, Present and Future
Pay for Journalism or Pay the Consequences
by Brian Rinker 7/28/12
San Francisco Retiree Talks — and Walks — Labor History

The Electrical Worker online

Reviews/Articles on LaborFest 2011
Machine-Guns on the Embarcadero? Raids on Union Halls? You Bet -- See Where on Saturday - SF Weekly
By Keith Bowers Thu., Jul. 7 2011
Top Five Things to Do for LaborFest - SF Weekly
By Ruby Perez June 30, 2011

Reviews on LaborFest 2010
The Tasty Menu of Years Past Grew Even More Delicious
By Jeanne Halpern
LaborFest 2010: Art, history and today's struggles
By Marilyn Bechtel
SF Weekly - How The Soup Was Made
By Michael Leaverton

Reviews on LaborFest 2009
*SF Weekly - Rosie, Meet Polly
By Hiya Swanhuyser

*SF Weekly - Mission Walk — Labor, Art, and the Politics of the Mission District
By Silke Tudor

*San Francisco Arts Monthly
- Flyaway celebrates Women Laborers
By Jean Schiffman

*SF Chronicle - Anniversary of A Dark Day

By Carl Nolte, Chronicle Staff Writer
*SF Examiner - LaborFest San Francisco 2009
A festival of the history of labor through film and the arts is underway this month in San Francisco
Author: Kristine Jaekel Wilfong

*Report on the Port Chicago event by Mike Daly

Reviews on LaborFest 2008
Examiner-I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night...
By Tony Long

SF Weekly - Joe Hill Don't Live Here Anymore
By Hiya Swanhuyser

LaborFest Coit Tower WPA Mural Presentation-7/7/08
By charles Slay

Reviews on LaborFest 2007
*San Francisco Chronicle's review - By Reyhan HarmanciThursday, July 5, 2007

*San Francisco Chronicle's review - By Chris Colin - Monday, July 16, 2007
*SF Chronicle's 96 Hours on Golden Gulag (7/26) by Reyhan Harmanci July 26, 2007
*SF Chronicle's notice on Oakland General Strike walk (7/28)

*Monthly Review-LaborFest 2007: A Moveable Feast by Richard D. Vogel


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2011 uploaded events video

2010 events in uploaded video
2010 events slide show
by Mike Daly
The Living New Deal Around Us
By Gray Brechin
Coit Tower at 75
By Mark Johnson
Labor &The Media
By Dick Meiste


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